Online Bachelor of Arts in Chicano Studies

Connect to the history and contributions of the Mexican-origin population of the United States with a bachelor’s degree in Chicano/Chicana studies.

Earn Your BA in Chicano Studies Online

Gain expertise on the historical and cultural context of the Mexican-origin population throughout the nation. Core courses will focus on social justice, immigration, cultural diversity, Chicano literature and more.

Additionally, you will acquire a host of different skills that will give you a competitive edge and are vital in today’s ever-changing, increasingly diverse environment. Advance your knowledge in these vital and important areas:

  • Binational dynamics that affect commerce and population movements
  • Socioeconomic trends of the Chicano/a population
  • Impact of major social issues and movements in the Chicano/a community
  • Patterns of urban/rural spread of the Mexican origin population in the U.S.-Mexico border
  • Immigration patterns and their impact on industries and government
  • Contributions made by Chicanos/Chicanas in arts and entertainment

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